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Wenzels - £2020 Give Away

Prize Draw

Baking Lovers,

Another year, another great outcome from the Wenzel’s cash giveaway. Every year Wenzel’s hold a prize draw for a cash sum totalling the number of the year, which we love to do to be able to give back to our loyal customers. It is always easy to enter for everyone, with in-shop entries and online opportunities!

Throughout the month of January, we have been collecting your entries into our £2020 Giveaway draw, and we haven’t been disappointed! Thousands of our amazing customers have entered, and we wish we could pick more than one winner! I mean, who wouldn’t love £2020 to kick off the new year? I know I would.

Today the baker man and our head baker picked a ticket out of the mixer from the many, many entries…

Congratulations to the lucky winner!! We hope you enjoy your amazing prize!

We can’t wait for this competition to return next year, and for our customers to be in with another chance of winning some cold hard cash. I mean… it’s only going to keep getting better – £2021 next year 😉


The Golden Ticket competition from Christmas was also a great success.

We recently had one of our lovely, lucky winners in with all of her friends. They enjoyed a tour around the bakery and got to make some bread, decorate some cakes and learn a thing or two about our company. We got some great pictures of our winner and Mr. Wenzel at our HQ.

We hope to be able to introduce even more competitions and giveaways to give back to our customers, and to give you guys the opportunity to win some amazing experiences and cash to spend on whatever you’d like. (MORE YUMMIES!!!)

Fingers crossed you’ll win the next competition.


Wenzels xo

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