Born and bread in London, Wenzel’s started as one family’s sweet dream and has risen to be a community favourite.

From the day our first loaf turned out in 1975, we’ve loved each and every customer - and they’ve loved us back. As a fast-formed classic for North West Londoners, we’ve expanded to over 100 locations, spreading the sweet life all over England. Our mission is to offer the best of baking at reasonable prices to our batch of lovely customers. As a family business, we bring that love to every bite, dedicating lots of pace and pounds to innovative product development and an incredible customer experience. After all, it wouldn’t be a Wenzel’s if you didn’t leave with a smile - and a full belly.

Whether it’s breaking bread or baking bread, we love contributing to a community of lovely people by providing something to make life a little sweeter.

Our community has offered so much support and we spread the love right back to them. From taking on local apprentices to hosting school visits and forming various charitable partnerships, we take spreading the sweet life very seriously.

Wenzel’s Donates £5,000 to Royal Charity - The Prince's Trust

Wenzel's the Bakers, a family-run bakery founded by Peter Wenzel in 1975, has donated £5,000 to The Prince's Trust in honour of the King and Queen's Coronation. Sarah and Peter Wenzel presented the cheque to representatives from the charity at the Windsor Wenzel’s store.

As we all welcome the new King and Queen, we wanted to follow their generous example by giving back to a cause we care about. The Prince’s Trust supports disadvantaged young people by giving them the tools to build a better future for themselves through employment and education.

"We are grateful to Sarah and Peter Wenzel for their generous donation to the Prince's Trust," said a spokesperson for the charity. "Their support will help us continue to provide opportunities for young people to reach their potential and build brighter futures. We are honoured to be the recipient of this donation.

This year's focus has been osupporting ‘The Class of Covid’. As they put it: “Living through a pandemic has been devastating for young people – crippling their self-confidence and robbing them of their futures. It has impacted their education, social lives and options for work, with those already facing disadvantage being left even further behind.

"We are proud to support the Prince's Trust and the important work they do to help young people succeed," said Peter and Sarah Wenzel. "Our family has been in the baking business for over 40 years, and we understand the importance of community support. It is an honour to make this donation.

Wenzel’s Is Going Green

Our community is at the heart of everything we do — which means that creating sustainable solutions is our priority. And we are thrilled to announce our new efforts toward becoming a greener organisation. We’re taking the following strides: 

Solar Panels

We’ve invested £250,000 in installing solar panels at our head office, harnessing clean and renewable energy to power our operations. 

Electric Delivery Vans

Our entire fleet of area management vehicles is exclusively electric, drastically reducing our emissions. We also have multiple electric delivery vans in our logistics fleet. 

Too Good To Go Magic Bags

We’ve used Too Good To Go to divert 500,000 magic bags from going to landfill — reducing waste and supporting a more circular economy. 

Cooking Oil Recycling

We are committed to recycling all of our cooking oils, ensuring they’re repurposed rather than contributing to environmental harm. 

Food Waste Recycling 

All food waste is recycled - breaking down into biogas which can be used as a form of renewable energy. 

Sustainable Packaging

All of our packaging materials are sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council or other sustainable sources.  

Carbon Offsets

Our bakery, head office and over 100 of our shops are powered by primarily renewable energy. Where this isn’t possible, our provider plants trees to offset our carbon footprint. 

But we’re not stopping there! These sustainability initiatives are expanding to our stores. Each location’s energy usage will be carefully monitored, and the store that demonstrates the lowest energy usage per square foot will be recognised as our Wenzel’s Going Green Champion! 

This friendly competition is our way of encouraging stores to cut unnecessary energy waste. The planet will thank them. And so will we! Together, we can build a greener and more sustainable future for our family business and the communities we serve. 

There’s always progress to be made, but we are excited about what we’ve accomplished and what the future holds. Thank you for your enthusiasm about these projects — we hope they make buying our bakes a little sweeter. 


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