If you’ve got a passion for the sweeter things in life, Wenzel’s may be the place for you! With over 80 locations running and new ovens popping up all over England, we’re always looking for the next great member of our team.

There’s not much that beats freshly baked goods, but there’s not much worse than excessive food waste from unsold products. That’s why we’ve partnered with Too Good To Go, an online platform that allows users to purchase surplus food at a discounted price. This means that less food goes to waste and more people get delicious bakes - it’s a win-win.

Whether it’s breaking bread or baking bread, we love contributing to a community of lovely people by providing something to make life a little sweeter. By taking on local apprentices and offering school visits to our locations, we hope to show just a bit of our massive appreciation for our loyal supporters. 

With over 80 bakeries across the UK (and counting!) there’s lots of Wenzel’s to go around. Visit our store locator to find your local.

We aim to provide the most scrumptious food at equally scrumptious prices, as we believe that everyone should have access to heart warming and belly-filling bakes.

We bake to deliver high quality, affordable delights to the bread and butter people around us. To do this, we guarantee an incredible customer experience, brought to you by our lovely team. That’s why we heavily invest into training, so that not only our customers have a lovely time at Wenzel’s, but our employees do too.

Interested in becoming the next expert donut maker, cupcake baker and smile giver? Check out our listings in the link below for openings at a Wenzel’s near you.

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