Let's Go Christmassive!

This most wonderful time of the year has the extra amazing job of celebrating for two festive seasons with our families. That’s why we’re going Christmassive!

What better way to double deck the halls than with some festive bakes? This year, we’ve got lots of goods on offer:

  • Box of 3 Christmas truffles 
  • Christmas Croisnut 
  • Box of 3 Christmas fancies 
  • Box of 3 Christmas cupcakes 
  • Box of 3 Christmas Snowman cupcakes 

  • Christmas Cookie 
  • Christmas Gingerbread Tree 
  • Christmas Gingerbread Person 
  • Christmas Cupcake 
  • Christmas Cornflake Cake 

  • Box of 3 Christmas Cornflake Cakes 
  • Christmas Cake Slice 
  • Savoury Christmas Hot Slice 
  • Festive Panini 
  • Festive Baguette 
  • Gingerbread Hot Drink 
  • Mince Pies 

To set the extra festive spirit in motion, we’re sweetening up the 12 Days of Christmas with our version of the name game! If your name starts with the winning letter, you can head on down to your local Wenzel’s to pick up your FREE Christmas treat of the day or trade up for a classic jam donut instead.

Keep an eye on our social media platforms to see if your name starts with the magic letter of the day - and don’t forget your photo ID to claim your winnings.

All treats are subject to store availability - but when there’s Wenzel’s involved, everyone’s a winner.

We wish you and your families a very safe and merry Christmas filled with all the sweetness of the festive holidays - times two!

Love Christmas. Love, Wenzel’s x