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Lifetime Member

Early in August Alex Glynn came to our attention.

Alex had shown his love for the brand when he decided to use our Wenzel’s bread bag at a festival abroad this summer.

Yet, this story starts with a visit to Tattoo UK on Rayners Lane; Alex sat down with Max Avenall (ironically a former Wenzel’s employee) to embark on a life changing moment… Henceforth the baker man was imprinted on Alex!

So we decided to catch up with the chirpy lad who works as a sound technician at the Harrow Arts Centre. He showed us around HAC, which has enriched history and an exciting future. The likes of Barry Cryer, Jimmy Carr, Moscow Ballet and Courtney Pine have helped build the culture of the centre. However, without the hard work of the people behind the scenes it wouldn’t run so successfully.

Over a coffee in the newly designed Café we discussed a pretty exciting topic. There was a band rehearsing at 10.30am, the conversation was partly because bands aren’t normally up that early, but mostly around what seemed like a great opportunity for us to set up some opportunities for the communities at the arts centre.

Alex himself is also a budding musician and is set to embark on his first UK tour with his band Circus Cannon in January. He recently performed in the emporium under the sea at Harrow Arts. A night that he kindly dedicated to us, from this our friendship was taken to the next level… Alex Glynn (@jupitersound) has officially become our first lifetime member.  Welcome to the #WenzelFamily.

Let’s talk tickets we can’t forget Alex’s next show on October 22nd at the Goodship Kilburn. Expect some dense jungle foliage, classic psychedelic Emporium grooves, a fake waterfall and plenty of sea breeze air fresheners for that authentic desert island vibe… We’re giving away 2 sets of 4 tickets and a pizza each for the winners of the competition. In order to WIN you’ll need to share this link: