We're Baking a Difference!

We've launched our "Baking a Difference" Campaign with Significant Savings in a dedicated effort to uplift our community and provide unparalleled value to our customers in these tough economic times. We're thrilled to unveil substantial price cuts and appealing multi-buy promotions under the "Baking a Difference" campaign. This initiative is a reflection of our unwavering pledge to have a real impact on the lives of our customers and the community at large.

Enjoy major price cuts with a bold move to enhance the accessibility of our premium products; we have slashed prices on a selection of our fan favourites. Now, shoppers can savour the following deals both in-store and through delivery platfroms:

  • The Baguette Meal Deal is now only £5.85, previously £6.25
  • Pair a hot drink with a delicious sausage roll for just £2.99
  • Enjoy a hot drink and a donut also at the steal price of £2.99
  • Choose a savoury slice with a hot drink for a mere £3.65

To ensure every customer enjoys these savings, we've standardised our prices across all delivery channels, including UberEats,  Deliveroo, and JustEat, promoting price fairness no matter how you choose to order.

We're also offering exciting multi-buy offers for added value beyond price reductions:

  • Grab two ring donuts for £1.50, down from £1.75
  • Snag two fairy cakes at £1.95, previously £2.50
  • Get four jam donuts for just £2.95, reduced from £3.50
  • Pick up a pair of cookies for £1.95, down from £2.50

Our dedication to community and uncompromised quality,  Baking a Difference, goes beyond just offering savings; it’s about strengthening community ties and support, particularly for those affected by the cost-of-living crisis, without sacrificing the quality our customers have come to expect. "By reducing our prices, we are not only providing financial relief but also reaffirming our dedication to our community's well-being," remarked Peter Wenzel, the Chairman and founder of Wenzel’s Bakers.

We truly see this campaign as an invitation for our customers to join us in creating meaningful change. By leveraging these new price points and multibuy options, you can enjoy fantastic products while keeping your budget intact.

Stay tuned for more exciting offers and witness the positive impact of the Baking a Difference campaign on our community.

Let's come together to bake a difference!

Love, Wenzel's x