Wenzel's Good Egg Giveaway

Calling all Good Eggs! 

Spring is on the horizon and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a spot of sunshine… and our Easter range, of course. This year, we’re celebrating the sweetness in a whole new way. 

Don’t worry, our Easter treats are still hopping into a Wenzel’s near you. But, instead of simply decorating eggs this year, we’re asking our community to shout out the Good Eggs around us. 

What is a Good Egg? 


/ɡʊd/ /ɛɡ/ 

Noun: Good Egg, plural: Good Eggs

  1. A person of the highest standard 
  • An absolute legend 
  • A sweetie with a heart of gold

E.g.: My sister is just a call away whenever I’m struggling. She even takes the kids to nursery when I have a work meeting. What a Good Egg! 

How do I celebrate the Good Egg in my life? 

We’ve hatched a plan to make sure all the Good Eggs in your life are getting the goodies they deserve. 

It’s pretty simple: 

Step 1: Pop to your local store and grab a treat – easy (and delicious) enough. 

Step 2: Post a selfie of yourself and your snack. 

Step 3: Caption your post with a shout out to the Good Egg in your life. It could be your bestie, your gran or even yourself if you’re feeling cheeky. Tag us @WenzelsTheBakers and use #WenzelsGoodEgg. 

Once you post, you’ll be entered into a prize draw for one of our sought-after influencer send-out boxes OR a voucher for a free treat!  

Easter Range

With these treats, you’ve got Easter in the bag (or basket). Here’s what we’ve got on offer: 

Easter Fondant Fancies Duo 



Gingerbread Bunny



Chocolate Nest Cake



Easter Creme Egg Donut



Easter Cupcake Trio



Check out these treats in-store and online to kickstart our hoppiest Easter season yet. Don’t forget to follow us on socials @WenzelsTheBakers for more drool-worthy bake content and updates on our Good Egg giveaway! 

Love, Wenzel’s x