January Giveaway

Mark your calendars for 17 January 2022, because your trips to Wenzel’s are about to get a whole lot sweeter.

With cold weather, rainy days and post-Christmas emotional hangovers galore, the first few months of the year can feel a bit drab. Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up – that’s why we’re introducing the January Giveaway!

Until 17 February 2022, every purchase of £5 or above – in-store only – will have a promo code. You’ll input that code onto our prize draw site to see if you’re a lucky winner.

When you enter that code, you are automatically entering yourself into a giveaway to reveal the golden donut - aka £5,000 or one of thousands of prizes.

Since only one lucky Wenzel’s lover will win the big cash prize, we wanted to ensure that more people get a piece of the pick-me-up this January. By entering your promo code, you may also win one of the following for FREE:

  •       1 hot or cold meal deal
  •       1 croisnut
  •       1 jam donut
  •       1 coffee
  •       1 sausage roll

Even if the odds aren’t in your favour for a complimentary treat, you will still be entered to win the big hunk of dough!

Join in on the fun and tag us on social media @WenzelstheBakers if you win your favourite bake or spot the golden donut around town.

Happy Entering!

Love, Wenzel's x