Introducing: The Wenzel's Orange Card

For every lover of Wenzel’s, our hearts fill up right to the top. Each and every donut lover, sandwich fan and all-around treat enthusiast have helped us to build the Wenzel’s you see today.

To give an extra special ‘thank you’ to our A-list loyalists for their public and private support over the years, we devised a plan to offer them a little slice of heaven whenever they want.

A select few, long-time celebrity fans have been gifted the ultimate joy – free Wenzel’s for life. From sausage rolls and sweet pastries to fresh bread and knock-out sarnies, a lucky few will have access to the full range of baked goodies available in over 80 Wenzel’s stores.

This sweet deal takes shape through the ultra-exclusive Orange Card – a little piece of metal that guarantees a whole lot of bakes at the user’s leisure.

In 2022, we’re expanding the Orange Card and offering it to even more celebrities. Exact plans are still under lock and key, but keep your eyes peeled to see who joins the lucky few soon!

Currently, Orange Cards are only available to Wenzel’s biggest celebrity fans. However, we didn’t want to leave out the rest of our ardent admirers, so members of the general public may be in line for this ultimate gift soon – stay tuned!

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Love, Wenzel’s x