It’s that time of year again where everything starts getting colder, darker and… the heating comes back on. The time of year when all you want is a nice hot drink and something yummy to munch on. Or, perhaps you’re like us at Wenzel’s and all you can think about are the exciting events coming up like Halloween, Bonfire Night and CHRISTMAS!!! We’re a tad bit excited. Halloween parties are the next thing on the agenda for the kids, so we’ve come up with a few ways to make your parties a little less stressful.


Halloween party food

This year why not provide the little ones with some yummy treats, with our range of kid’s platters? Jam, Cheese and Ham sandwiches, as well as doughnuts, are available to order, making everything a whole lot easier! All you’ll need to provide are the other sweets and treats for your little poltergeists and let us handle the rest.


Halloween party games

Up the amp on your little ones’ parties with some fun games that don’t cause mess or too much stress;

  • Keep the skeleton heads up; use white balloons and a black marker pen to create the spooky “skeleton heads” that the kids can use to play a game of keepy-uppy! Only mess you’ll get is from popped balloons – easy to tidy away.
  • Pumpkin bean bag toss; use cardboard and paint to create 3 pumpkins. Create a cut-out mouth on each one, each with a different size, and label them with different numbers of points. Bean bag toss with a spooky twist!
  • Put the nose on the pumpkin; exactly like pin the tail on the donkey, but use cut outs of the pumpkin nose. Write each kids’ name on the spot they “pinned” the pumpkin nose, and whoever is closest wins. (use tape to “pin” the nose rather than an actual pin if you’d rather – to avoid any spiky accidents!)


As we get deeper into the cold chill of autumn, we’d love to know what products you’d like to see back in store. Could it be an old favourite or a new idea for us, we’re totally open to anything! How about the apple custard doughnut or maybe a new pumpkin spiced range? But for now, with the release of our Halloween products, and our range of soups making a triumphant return, we hope you’ll let Wenzel’s warm up your Autumn.


Happy Halloweening!


Wenzel’s xo