Community Outreach

Going back a couple of #Wenzday’s we went around to a handful of the stores in North West London to take some photos for our Google Maps (we’re trying to make it easier for you guys tofind us). The sun had his hat on and everyone was wearing a smile and although the summer holidays are coming to an end andback to schoolis imminent, plenty of bikes and scooters were out in force.
Alex and FamilyThe great thing about catching up with the community is what you find out about the influence of the bakeries and it’s all unprompted.  Whilst we were in Ickenham a great opportunity presented itself.

We met Alex, a local mum of three, who was enjoying a sandwich with her family outside the store. As we explained why we would love to take a photo, conversation started around the lunch she had bought for everyone.

Alex said “It’s amazing these Kids Lunch bags are £2.50 each, so I have fed all of us for a tenner! Look at them.. The ingredients, good quality ham”

For us it’s ‘fresh food for the family’, we always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that they’re affordable. Whilst we continued to talk about Wenzel’s, we approached the subject of store openings.

Alex said “I’m glad you guys opened up here, my kids don’t eat any other bread!”

We’re really grateful for Alex’s input and there will be some kids lunches and loyalty cards coming your way!

We want to hear what you guys are up to. We will be back out again soon and of course you can always get in contact with us online.

Get in touch[email protected]