Back to School

Now that the school spirit is back, it’s time to embrace all of the challenges ahead for the next year. They’ll be new school starters, big school starters, GCSE’s and A-level’s all taking shape. Mum’s and dad’s are ready for the school runs, play days and tryouts, so whilst you’re getting back into the swing of things we’re here to lend a hand.

lunchbagOur kids packed lunches are always reliable, fresh sandwiches, crisps, a drink and a sweet for only £2.50. We can also help with that party coming up; new friends “school friends” will be impressed with our neat selection of birthday cakes and sweet platters. It’s simple enough to order online!

We’re also here to help out with all the new lingo –


Then there’s our teachers, those hardworking, midnight oil burning folk, who have had a break inclusive of lesson planning and organisation. It’s nice to have you guys back around. We’ve got all your staff room fillers, tea break treats and those all important bite moments, when a vanilla cream cake can momentarily take your mind off the classroom. Nonetheless, if it’s the classroom you are looking to inspire why not book in for our *Free* mini baker experience, a school trip around the bakery, learning how it all works and baking your own treats.


It’s fair to say, parents, carers, teachers and pupils we’ve missed you this summer so welcome back and good luck this year, pop in and see us soon.