A Peek at Our Rebrand!

Wenzel’s has been serving up loveliness since 1975. What started as one family’s sweet dream has transformed into a fast-growing, nationwide favourite. That’s why we thought it fitting to give Wenzel’s the TLC as a brand that we give to each and every bake.

In-store, online and on our social media pages, you’ll be seeing the same Wenzel’s favourites, with a bit of extra flavour in the style department.

Our original look will always be an oldie but Goldie, but it was time for us to polish things up to be a bit shiny and new. Take a look at the High Wycombe Wenzel’s, which was the very first location to receive its makeover on 16 Dec 2021.

From now on, all our new Wenzel’s locations will be decked out in the newest trimmings, showing all our customers exactly who we are. If you haven’t had the chance to drop by one of our new and improved storefronts, the new look is thriving on our social media platforms. Follow us on Instagram to see for yourself. 

One thing’s for certain – no matter our fresh coat of paint, our heart remains the same and it beats for bakes! With our new and improved look across the estate, we can better serve our community in style. 

Love, Wenzel's x