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A Polite Notice…

Baking Lovers,

I hope whoever is reading this is well and staying safe.

Being indoors for so long is tough, the cabin fever is likely to set in and the pull of the glorious sunshine will make us all want to go outside. But because of this virus we can’t, and it’s annoying, but with books, blogs, films, TV and hobbies to take up, there is plenty we can do to keep ourselves sane; even if kids are involved in the isolation!

As cute as they are, they are bound to get bored at some point. So, we’ve decided here at Wenzel’s to put together a few yummy recipes that the kids can help make to keep them entertained for a little while, in between their school work. You could even call this “teaching them how to cook” and list it as one of their lessons! 😉

I am going to write these recipes in the posts that follow, and also keep you updated on how things are going with Wenzel’s and provide updates on the position we are in regarding staying open.


At the moment, we are still open for business in most stores. Delivery is also available for you to get your fresh bread, milk and occasional little treats, through our partners Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

We have recently released a statement, and I would also like to post it here…

“To our lovely customers,

Since our last update to you, a lot has changed regarding the Government’s updates. We have been listening closely and abiding by them.

We also want our customers and staff to be reassured that we are doing everything we can at this time to keep everyone safe.

As a food shop, we are permitted to stay open; we will be remaining open for as long as possible to ensure our local communities can get their fresh bread and milk as often as they need to, and to take a little bit of the strain off of local supermarkets.

Many individuals rely on smaller shops to provide them with what they require, as they cannot get to supermarkets, and we would like these customers to feel comfortable in doing so.

We have introduced new measures in our shops in accordance to the social distancing advice. We have asked customers to respect their fellow peers and stay two metres apart, in store, and outside of our shops if they are queueing. We have also asked our customers to pay via contactless only.

Wenzel’s still deliver via our partners Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo, and hope to introduce further delivery methods to people who are outside of our existing delivery partners catchment, to you soon.

This is a difficult time and we need to stick together to ensure everyone in our communities get what they need.

We hope that you are staying safe.

The Wenzel’s Team”

I know times are difficult and weird right now, but we have to stick together and follow the Government’s guidelines. Communities need to stick together so that we can get this virus under control sooner rather than later!

With love and best wishes,

Wenzel’s xo