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Fun, Safe Halloween Ideas 🎃

Baking Lovers,

We hope you’re all well and staying safe.

With Halloween around the corner, we’re sure it’s been difficult to tell the kids that “no, we can’t go Trick or Treating this year” sad face… Even we love taking our sons, daughters, nieces and nephews out! That’s why we’ve tried to think of other ways they can dress up and still have fun (and some fun for you too). Whilst a scary movie night might be a great alternative for older and big kids (we have a few big kids here at Wenzel’s) something a little less spooky would perhaps be better for the young’uns! We’ve got some ideas…

Halloween House Trick or Treat 🍬

If your kids love dressing up and going out on the night of All Hallows Eve, perhaps they don’t have to miss out entirely! You could decorate the doors in your house and have someone stand behind them for the kids to knock on, with treats a plenty! Think Wenzel’s Halloween treats and cookies, and sweets, without the need to be careful of everyone else’s allergies in the outside world. You’d only need to cater for your little ones. You could even create a treat hunt, like an easter egg hunt, either in the house or garden.

Looking for decorated houses 👻

Due to it not being the safest to knock on everyone’s doors at the moment, you could take the kids out for a walk to spot decorated houses and put a treat in their ‘basket’ every time they spot one.

This would be a great activity to organise with friends and neighbours in the immediate area, provided you are allowed to venture out. Each one of you could decorate your houses so the kids definitely will have something to spot! Just like when many people took their children out to spot the rainbows in the windows.

You could even post about this on community groups on social media to try and get as many people involved in the fun of decorating their front doors, and to bring back some community spirit.

Pumpkin Decorating 🎃

Ah, to have the awful smell of pumpkin “intestines” all over our hands again… yum…

On a serious note, pumpkin decorating is a great activity to do to keep the kids busy! Pumpkins aren’t too expensive, and you could make it into a contest. Have Wenzel’s Halloween cookies at the ready as a prize, and let the kids get to work.

This would need to be supervised, and you might not be comfortable with young children using sharp knives, but you could print out some plain pumpkins and do a paper design competition instead? This would make much less mess, and still be fun!

Also, pumpkin soup, pie or muffins are lovely ways to use any pumpkins and not let the veggies go to waste. Fun fact – Carving pumpkins aren’t quite as tasty as traditional pumpkins because they have been bred to be thinner and less fleshy, but you could use a mix of both carving and traditional pumpkins.


If you have any other ideas or decide to use one of these, we’d love to hear from you and see all the scary costumes! Make sure you tag us on social media so that we can see your wonderful efforts. Wenzel’s Halloween treats are available in all stores, so take the kid’s in to choose their yummy treat over the half term.

Keep staying safe and have a Spooktacular Halloween!


Wenzel’s xo