Giveaway Draw

Nearly two weeks ago, Malcolm Rainer was picked out in our giveaway draw to win £2,017. It was a fantastic day, we’ve got the photo’s together and check out the smiles on this bunch!

Thank you to everyone who came to support.

Credit: @darwinieuk & Salad Glynn


Tastiest Munch

With the Chicken Connoisseur and your new craze of high street reviewers pounding the streets, we we’re pleased to have the Tastiest Munch crew take on our meal deals! See the video below for an insight into what these lads thought of our grub!






Giveaway Winner

A warm and gracious thank you is in order for everyone that took part in our annual January giveaway. After thousands of entries our eventual winner was Malcolm Rainer. The draw was made at our Uxbridge store on February 4th and we had an amazing turn out, so a huge thank you to everyone who came down and showed support.

We caught up with Malcolm and asked a few questions about how he came to win his money and what he’ll be spending it on!

How did you go about buying your ticket?

“I am working in the local area and a work colleague of mine recommended to go to Wenzel’s for lunch and I’ve only been here for half a dozen times and decided to enter the competition. I thought why not, never thought I would win”

What happened when we called you?

“Couldn’t believe it when I got the call, It’s not something you’d expect to hear. Still couldn’t believe it when I was on my way down this morning”

What are you going to spend it on?

“Well I got my daughters 21st birthday coming up so I’ll treat her to something but of course I’ll treat myself to something nice as well”

Malcolm is originally from Tunbridge Wells, were there are just Greggs bakeries, he never goes to Greggs for lunch but decided to go to Wenzel’s and after a couple of lunches decided to hand over his details for the raffle! Well done for taking the punt and enjoy your winnings.


Store of the month: February

This months winners are:

Div A – West Ealing

Despite a gloomy month January has brought the best out in West Ealing. They have continued to exceed sales expectations with a willingness to keep improving along. With great team spirit and a fine work ethic they have the right ingredients to be a continued success.

Div B – Baker street 

Baker street have have also continued to improve with strong sales leading into January. They have surpassed last years January figures by some margin!

With a combination of hard work, good customer service and improving evening sales which is making all the difference.

Well done to both stores!


Harvey Road Primary School

Harvey Road School joined us in the Bakery as Colin introduces everyone to making bread, cupcakes and biscuits. The children had a lovely time and we love seeing happy smiling faces, thank you for joining us for a Mini-baker experience Harvey Road Primary School !


Kids Lunches, Now Online!

One of our favourite products have made it online!


Do you remember the days of packed lunch? Swapping your crisps, or your carton of juice.

We have decided to make it easy for everyone that wants to order a number of kids lunches in advance. All you need to do is select your filling, and we’ll handle the rest of the bag, we’ll add crisps, a cake and a carton of juice.

Each of our lunch bags, come with a toy. If you are going on a school trip, please let us know where you’re going and we will match up a toy for educational value.



January Giveaway, it’s back!

January Giveaway.

This Year you could win £2,017 from Wenzel’s.

We decided in 2014 to give back to those that have supported us in the community for the last 40+ years. January is often a difficult month following the Christmas period, we feel that it’s a great time of year for this giveaway.

We’ll be holding the prize draw at our Uxbridge Pavilion store on February 4th 2017 starting from 11:00am and one lucky customer will win the prize.


Over the course of the month of January we will be giving away raffle tickets to all of those who spend £5 in store. We will also give an entry to everyone who comments on our Facebook post. See terms.

We caught up with last years winner, Lesley Linden, here’s how used the money she won:

‘It was a wonderful surprise to receive the phone call from Wenzel’s last year informing me that I was the lucky winner of the January Giveaway 2016.  The £2016.00 was really appreciated and very well spent.  My husband and I had a long weekend away, we bought a new sofa and chair and were also able to treat our two daughters and their families.  Many thanks to all at Wenzel’s who made this possible.’ Lesley Linden – Harrow

We will be giving away prizes over the course of the month, including meal deals, online discounts and treats! Our goal is to continue to support local talent and local people, so visit us for gingerbreads, balloons, samples and sandwiches.

Uxbridge is a recently new location, having launched in 2011 we have got to know the people in the area really well and recently found out that the Uxbridge community are extremely fond of our carrot cakes! It will be a Wenzday in Uxbridge to remember!

Ever met the baker man? He’ll be around with the team looking for your suggestions on his name? Bakey-McBakerman, Doughball or even ‘Gary’ will be accepted.. And guess what.. Mr Bakerman will also be handing out freebies to make your shopping experience a little less taxing when the wee-ones get tired and hungry!

Make sure to pick up your raffle tickets in store, comment online and look out for prizes, giveaways and special offers!


St Albans Road

Last month we opened our third store in Watford, we have a lovely relationship with the community here. Thank you to everyone for helping to settle in our staff, making everyone feel welcome. Come by and say hello @ 249 St Albans Road, Watford, WD24 5SD and we’re open:

Monday- Friday: 7:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 7:00 to 17:30
Sunday: 8:30 to 17:00



£2017 Giveaway | Enter Below

We are excited to enter 2017, so excited in fact, we are giving away £2,017 to one lucky winner!

To enter there are two opportunities:

In store and online, by spending £5 or more.

On Facebook just enter your name and comment below.

Good luck and happy new year!

See wenzels.co.uk/terms for all terms and conditions



Store of the month: January

This months winners are:

Div A 

St Ann’s Harrow – All staff members have incredible team ethic and are always positive. This month this shop has had exceedingly high sales and have kept to a great wage %.

Div B 

Watford High Street – Watford High Street have shown sheer graft and team spirit through the toughest month of the year and had the highest sales in December.
Well done to both stores!


Store of the month: December

This months winners are:

Edgware – The products are always made to the highest standard and they keep impressive shop displays. This team work well to support each other and they are always smiling, showing an excellent representation of Wenzel’s.

Northwood – This team continually works well together to hit sales targets and keep up their brilliant wage percentage. The team always have a positive attitude and create a good atmosphere within the shop.


Christmas at Wenzel’s


We love Christmas and it’s at this time of year we have more time to spend with those closest to us. Whether it’s letting your hair down with your colleagues, signing off those last minute meetings with your clients or those all important family occasions.

Wenzel’s make it easy for you, order online and pick up in store.



Golden Eye

Last week we joined up with Etc.inema at Harrow Arts Centre as they presented a first of it’s kind immersive cinema experience at the venue. The night included villains and tuxedos, old school gaming, cocktails and a cracking pyrotechnics version of 007 GoldenEye.

With Harrow Arts looking to save the centre from development, we enjoyed being given the opportunity to support the event, we bought some goodies for our winners (who actually we’re unable to make it) popcorn for the tables, and ended up donating our care packages to ADHD and Autism Charity. We we’re able to release our new Christmas video, thanks to the guys who helped us put this together!

A big thanks to everyone that came and to all those who entered the competition!

See our photo library below!


Christmas is coming and we’re excited!


Store of the month: November

This months winners are Harrow and Joel Street.


Harrow This team have excellent organisation and have worked together to push sales with the highest increase percentage growth on last year. Well done, keep up the hard work!


Joel Street Always working well as a team and have really nurtured and encouraged the new starters in this shop. This shop continually has outstanding displays and excellent quality of production. Well done, keep up your constant positive sales!


Store of the month: October

This months winners are Burnt Oak and Watford Parade bo1

Burnt Oak This month the shop has seen a massive improvement in many areas. The staff attire has been excellent and commitment by the team and passion showed when pushing the shop has been brilliant. The sandwich production standard is excellent and the service provided to customers is second to none!


Watford Paradea new shop that has now firmly established itself as a top performer. Great teamwork and a positive work ethic has led to a massive growth on sales, the shop is always spotless and the production is a wonder to behold! Uniform standards have also been excellent with all staff representing the company with pride.




It’s that time of the year for witches and ghouls,
To come out to play when we’re back to school.
Mummies and goblins take to the street,
Knocking on doors with a trick for a treat.
So if you’re looking to keep the monsters away,
We’ve got what you need, baked the Wenzel’s way.


Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year, our wizardry Wenzel’s bakers have come up with tricky treats for everyone celebrating.

If you’re off to fancy dress party or celebrating with the undead at the office, why not grab a box of halloween fancies, or some gingerbread mummies? Not your thing? Do you prefer carving the pumpkin and opening the door? Grab our pumpkin gingerbreads, they’re worth keeping the tricks away!

Finally we all know those friends of ours that turn up every year as Freddy Krueger vs Chucky, so keep their murderous hunger tendencies at bay with our sweet and savoury platters, enough food for a feeding frenzy.

Now if you’re Count Dracula and hosting the ghostly get together we’ve got a incredible hulk amount of cakes which can all be personalised.

All enquires are welcome, and there’s egg free options for tricky treaters.



Lifetime Member

Early in August Alex Glynn came to our attention.

Alex had shown his love for the brand when he decided to use our Wenzel’s bread bag at a festival abroad this summer.

Yet, this story starts with a visit to Tattoo UK on Rayners Lane; Alex sat down with Max Avenall (ironically a former Wenzel’s employee) to embark on a life changing moment… Henceforth the baker man was imprinted on Alex!

So we decided to catch up with the chirpy lad who works as a sound technician at the Harrow Arts Centre. He showed us around HAC, which has enriched history and an exciting future. The likes of Barry Cryer, Jimmy Carr, Moscow Ballet and Courtney Pine have helped build the culture of the centre. However, without the hard work of the people behind the scenes it wouldn’t run so successfully.

Over a coffee in the newly designed Café we discussed a pretty exciting topic. There was a band rehearsing at 10.30am, the conversation was partly because bands aren’t normally up that early, but mostly around what seemed like a great opportunity for us to set up some opportunities for the communities at the arts centre.

Alex himself is also a budding musician and is set to embark on his first UK tour with his band Circus Cannon in January. He recently performed in the emporium under the sea at Harrow Arts. A night that he kindly dedicated to us, from this our friendship was taken to the next level… Alex Glynn (@jupitersound) has officially become our first lifetime member.  Welcome to the #WenzelFamily.

Let’s talk tickets we can’t forget Alex’s next show on October 22nd at the Goodship Kilburn. Expect some dense jungle foliage, classic psychedelic Emporium grooves, a fake waterfall and plenty of sea breeze air fresheners for that authentic desert island vibe… We’re giving away 2 sets of 4 tickets and a pizza each for the winners of the competition. In order to WIN you’ll need to share this link:



Store of the month: September

This months winners are Greenford and Ruislip Gardens (pictured below)

Greenford A warm and receptive shop with staff representing the company in the best possible light. The products always made to the highest standard and new staff welcomed and trained to a high standard made this shop stand out this month. As well as this they have had an excellent month sales wise.

Ruislip GardensRuislip Gardens – This past month has seen the shop rise high up the list of top grossing shops despite not even being open a year. The team has worked hard to push the sales and create an atmosphere that makes customers want to come back. All the production has been excellent.


Back to School

Now that the school spirit is back, it’s time to embrace all of the challenges ahead for the next year. They’ll be new school starters, big school starters, GCSE’s and A-level’s all taking shape. Mum’s and dad’s are ready for the school runs, play days and tryouts, so whilst you’re getting back into the swing of things we’re here to lend a hand.

lunchbagOur kids packed lunches are always reliable, fresh sandwiches, crisps, a drink and a sweet for only £2.50. We can also help with that party coming up; new friends “school friends” will be impressed with our neat selection of birthday cakes and sweet platters. It’s simple enough to order online!

We’re also here to help out with all the new lingo –

Then there’s our teachers, those hardworking, midnight oil burning folk, who have had a break inclusive of lesson planning and organisation. It’s nice to have you guys back around. We’ve got all your staff room fillers, tea break treats and those all important bite moments, when a vanilla cream cake can momentarily take your mind off the classroom. Nonetheless, if it’s the classroom you are looking to inspire why not book in for our *Free* mini baker experience, a school trip around the bakery, learning how it all works and baking your own treats.


It’s fair to say, parents, carers, teachers and pupils we’ve missed you this summer so welcome back and good luck this year, pop in and see us soon.


Community Outreach

Going back a couple of #Wenzday’s we went around to a handful of the stores in North West London to take some photos for our Google Maps (we’re trying to make it easier for you guys to find us). The sun had his hat on and everyone was wearing a smile and although the summer holidays are coming to an end and back to school is imminent, plenty of bikes and scooters were out in force.
Alex and Family
The great thing about catching up with the community is what you find out about the influence of the bakeries and it’s all unprompted.  Whilst we were in Ickenham a great opportunity presented itself.

We met Alex, a local mum of three, who was enjoying a sandwich with her family outside the store. As we explained why we would love to take a photo, conversation started around the lunch she had bought for everyone.

Alex said “It’s amazing these Kids Lunch bags are £2.50 each, so I have fed all of us for a tenner! Look at them.. The ingredients, good quality ham”

For us it’s ‘fresh food for the family’, we always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that they’re affordable. Whilst we continued to talk about Wenzel’s, we approached the subject of store openings.

Alex said “I’m glad you guys opened up here, my kids don’t eat any other bread!”

We’re really grateful for Alex’s input and there will be some kids lunches and loyalty cards coming your way!

We want to hear what you guys are up to. We will be back out again soon and of course you can always get in contact with us online.

Get in touch social@wenzels.co.uk