Giving back with Wenzel's

At Wenzel's, we believe in two things. Our bakes and our community. And at Christmas, we think that giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves is the perfect way to show how much we care. We're proudly supporting Crisis. And we want to get our great customers involved too.

So, if you can please donate the price of a Wenzel's coffee or whatever you’re able to spare to someone in need, and spread some Christmas spirit.

Donate here

We will be supporting Crisis with a upfront donation of £5,500, as well a supporting their Crisis centres and hotel in London with food and hot drinks throughout the Christmas period. Everyone staying at a Crisis hotel will also receive a voucher pack offering them a range of free food and drinks available at any Wenzel’s store.

A Christmas message from Crisis

This Christmas, we are here to end homelessness. We provide people with a place to rest their head as well as with the headspace and personalised support to upskill, navigate housing, access healthcare and build a life beyond homelessness.

Through our year-round services, hotels and health and wellbeing programmes, we will be supporting over 7,000 people this Christmas. And this is just the start. We strive to build a future where everyone has a safe and stable home – a future where homelessness is ended.

We are the national charity for people experiencing homelessness. We help people out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it all together.

All of us need a decent home – to be healthy and to thrive. Currently though, this basic human need isn’t being met for so many people across the UK. This is unacceptable. Here at Crisis, we work side by side with thousands of people each year as they find ways out of homelessness. 
We provide practical support to help people access benefits, healthcare services, employment opportunities, and more.

Our main aim is to relieve the huge pressure of homelessness by helping people find safe and affordable homes as quickly as possible. We prioritise supporting people who are facing the most complex barriers to ending their homelessness and often have nowhere else to turn. As well as helping to end homelessness for individuals, we work to address the root causes that push people into homelessness in the first place. We campaign on the political changes needed to end homelessness for good and conduct research to understand and highlight the scale, causes and consequences of homelessness.


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